Welcome to UO Union,

UO Union is a free PVM Ultima Online Server.

No skillcap and 450 statcap.




We have content up to Time of Legends expansion, which means :

  • Eodon Valley and new Turtle Champion
  • High Seas Galleons, Pirate and Merchant ships
  • Corgul, Scalis and Charybdis bosses
  • Sea Market and Quests
  • Gargoyle Race
  • Compatibility with the Enhanced Client
  • Imbuing, Mysticism and Throwing skills
  • Stygian Abyss dungeon and Mini Champions

We also have custom content that allows you to have a better gaming experience :

  • A lot of decoration addons
  • 20+ quests with useful rewards
  • Useful custom items : bank hive, pet bonding deed, a mobile forge, a loot bag, a trash bag, storage keys
  • A great training area with training elementals, lockpicking chests, training weapons, tamers little helpers
  • Funy games like Bomberman and Casino
  • Easy travel system with custom moongates
  • Spell crafting, Rune crafting and a lot more of new crafting systems
  • Squires you can hire to help you in your adventures
  • Corpse retriever
  • Master of the Arts champion (to get crafting powerscrolls)
  • EVO Pets
  • EVO Weapons
  • EVO Armors
  • Pet Leveling
  • Pet Breeding
  • New types of resources (Ores, Woods and Leathers)
  • Tons of new pets and custom mobs
  • Wonderful events and festivals going throughout the years and seasons


To get started on UO Union, please download a copy of the Ultima Online Client ( on www.uo.com ), then take UO Razor ( on www.uorazor.com ). Check the download links on our Join Us page.

Use Razor to launch the game (once you have updated to the latest client version), then enter these connection informations :

IP : play.uounion.com

Port : 2593


Thank you for being part of the great UO Union adventure.


-The UO Union Staff-