Welcome to UO Union

Welcome to UO Union,


UO Union is a free Ultima Online Server based on PVM rules. There is no PVP.

We have content up to Time of Legends expansion, which means :

  • Eodon Valley and new Turtle Champion
  • New Pet Training
  • High Seas Galleons, Pirate and Merchant ships
  • Corgul, Scalis and Charybdis bosses
  • Sea Market and Quests
  • Gargoyle Race
  • Compatibility with the Enhanced Client
  • Imbuing, Mysticism and Throwing skills
  • Stygian Abyss dungeon and Mini Champions

We also have custom content which allows us to give you a better gaming experience :

  • A lot of decoration addons
  • 20+ quests with useful rewards
  • Useful custom items : bank hive, pet bonding deed, a mobile forge, a loot bag, a trash bag, storage keys
  • A great training area with training elementals, lockpicking chests, training weapons, tamers little helpers
  • Funy games like Bomberman, Casino and more to come
  • Easy travelling system with custom moongates
  • Spell crafting, rune crafting and a lot more of new crafting systems to come
  • Squires you can hire to help you in your adventures
  • Corpse retriever
  • Master of the Arts champion (to get crafting powerscrolls)

To get started on UO Union, please get yourself a copy of the Ultima Online Client ( on www.uo.com ), then grab UO Razor ( on www.uorazor.com ).

Use Razor to launch the game (once you have updated to the latest client version), then enter these connection information :

IP : play.uounion.com

Port : 2593


Thank you for trying us and being part of the great UO Union adventure.


-The UO Union Staff-

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